we were unable to load disqus

If this error”we were unable to load disqus” show in your blog/website then you follow these steps to solve this problem. Basically this problem is due to your wrong trusted domain . Either you have not write trusted domain or you write wrong domain then you have to write that correct , if don’t know […]

wordpress plugin related post with image

Relevant post show is necessary for every blog . By which reader have more option to find there content in blog. This is better if wordpress plugin related post with image. Without picture related post not highlighted.I find some better plugins for you Related post by zemanta: This plugin is made by zemanata comp. this is […]

top 10 seo plugins for wordpress 3.8.1

Everyone searching for best seo plugin for wordpress in 2014, here you get “top 10 seo plugins for wordpress”. Because wordpress update and new version 3.8.1 comes so, plugin must be compatible to this. Here you listed below plugin are present time rank WordPress Seo by yoast  All in one SEO pack Google XML site-map […]

Structured Data Markup Helper help you for batter post

You have any type of website Structured Data Markup Helper help you to customize your page/post. If you make different-2 page which you upload in your site you can customize that here easily.If you post on blogger/wordpess or other CMS then copy-paste your post html there and can be customize there Re commanded Post: How to […]

rich snippets person markup in your blog post

rich snippets person – This a advance technique of google for sharing information of people from your webpage. Markup social media info. and contact information in your page properly , which help google to  show information clearly  on search result.This is a good example of this. Rating: 4.5   Re-commanded post :How to show my image with […]

rich snippet markup events for google search

This is recommended for you-rich snippet markup events if you writing an event in your page .When in your page events marked up then google easily identify information show in search results and other google properties.When you write about any event in page there must be write clearly- Event “title”, “date”, “venue” etc… . This […]