ChatOnGo for Business: The future of Enterprise Communication

What are one of the biggest challenges that organizations face today? Communication gaps and employee attrition rates within an organization. Organizations can’t afford a high rate in either of these. This makes information management vital. If you don’t disclose proper information about a project to the concerned people, the project might suffer incurring losses for […]

Business Travel App Essentials | Plan your business trip

Bussiness travel app: Travelling for business requires careful planning, including managing your reservations, information on flights, and business expense. Such a trip is often very exhausting, since you are torn between business meetings and having time just for yourself. However, being in a rush does not have to be so stressful, especially nowadays, when there […]

Companies driving digital revolution in India

In the last decade, India has seen increasing internet penetration. This new trend has enticed the advertisers to have an effective digital solution to reach the internet audience. Slowly but steadily, brands are waking up to this call. Nowadays, companies engage in aggressive marketing strategies using a wide range of social media platforms to compete with each other. […]

Top 10 IT Software Companies in USA 2016

Top 10 IT Software Companies in USA 2016 : United states is the largest hub of information technology.All over the word it company based from united states either biggest Microsoft, google, Facebook etc.. or any small it firm.If we look list of America’s best Employers then google is on the top of the list.It company […]


Top 10 IT Software Companies in India 2015 -2016

Information Technology in India is expanding its wings day by day the policy of Indian government to encourage the investment in India is so fruitful that the information technology sector in India is generating 2.5 million direct employments Now our focus is on future how these companies will actually perform in the future scenario Like […]


Top 10 it Software companies in the World | Best

Top 10 it Software companies in the World : Now a day’s  it Companies are trending worldwide Due to changing the world into digitization and Information Technology dominated very important part in this change.Information Technology deals with the collecting data,storing data and manipulate them according to user requirements. In our Daily Life we use Gadgets […]

Youtube to Launch a Dedicated Website for Gamers

Youtube to Launch a Dedicated Website for Gamers  : The online video giant- Youtube reported plans in front of one week from now’s Electronic Entertainment Expo to dispatch a different application and webpage particularly for devotees of gaming diversions. Ryan Wyatt, YouTube’s worldwide head of gaming substance, uncovered YouTube Gaming amid an occasion at YouTube […]