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How to customization YouTube channel

Written by Aman yadav

Customization YouTube channel is importent task for any professional YouTube video owners.But why you need to do this is a good question in mind this is necessary for earning through YouTube channel.Here is so many ways to design your channel & now for you YouTube improve channel quality to show their logo/cover image.YouTube start a new channel designing app that is One channel. Where you can edit your channel for Computer, TV , Mobile phone.

  • Design channel in YouTube One Channel

Now you can convert your every visitor into your subscriber by a sample playback of your channel or other. When you start one channel your channel setting is the default that setting you will change by going to the set.

  • Watch video tutorial of How to edit default view of channel into one channel view
  • Make a stylish playlist

Half of your Channel design is done by One Channel now you need to make good logo & cover image as per your channel theme.I have some suggestion for designing a logo but if you have a website of your business then you can use same.
  • Design logo with good looking & cover your name also
  • The logo must have a color combination with channel background or cover image.

Same for cover image that has your business portfolio.



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