Why Data Security Fails

Why Data Security Fails

One of the most well-known proverbs that “Security is only as good as its weakest link”, is extremely popular among IT circles. But surprisingly most data security systems actually tend to fail because of the weakest link and in most cases the weakest link is not even evident. This is best explained with instances from […]

top five antivirus in india

Top five antivirus in india:Avast,AVG,Kaspersky,norton,quickheal are widely used in 2015 in indian computers.Antivirus protection are different in premium & free version antivirus software.Basically antivirus is a PC programming software that shields a PC framework from noxious projects/virus process, by distinguishing, averting and uprooting them. At first, antivirus programming were intended to ensure against infection assaults. […]

Strong Password Generator

Strong password is so much necessary for every internet user for preventing their account from hack. This is very useful for your bank account, mail account & other office cloud account etc… Now let me explain in detail why you use strong password & what kind of strong password you have to choose. Here is so […]

How to Add Recaptcha in your Website [php]

How to add ReCaptcha? this is not so difficult for you when you read this article. You can add ReCaptcha in any form, word press, php, HTML, JavaScript, asp.net page. Now the first Question is:


Why we use recaptcha?

Sometimes when you make submit the form on your website for the e.g-Contact page, signup page etc.. Then you get a lot of people sign up or contact you by name like this asfdsgas, sdgsfd, fhgfdre . This is nothing but someone spam your website.So do not worry ! by ReCaptcha you can stop this.Now

Where I can use ReCaptcha?

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