ChatOnGo for Business: The future of Enterprise Communication

What are one of the biggest challenges that organizations face today? Communication gaps and employee attrition rates within an organization. Organizations can’t afford a high rate in either of these. This makes information management vital. If you don’t disclose proper information about a project to the concerned people, the project might suffer incurring losses for […]

top 10 free spy apps for android

If you are track someone or want to spy your android mobile then these list of free spy apps for android is only for you.For secret agent these apps are recommended to track target. These mind blowing apps for android make you somewhere james bond .Spy on cell phone with these free app ,tracking down your delivery boy […]

how to transfer file between desktop and android mobile

This is good for everyone who are using android phone , you can transfer file between desktop to android mobile and android mobile to desktop/laptop in window 7,8 even in MAC. Airdroid app used for this transfer without usb cable . This app is beneficial for you when you are in travelling and forget usb cable or […]

How to Download and Install Android 4.4 KitKat for PC

Hello Friends In This Tutorial  We tell You methods to how to download and install Android version 4.4 KitKat on the PC so just follow our steps. Minimum Requirements Android X86 1.Processor–1 GHz 2.RAM — 1Gb 3.There should be no Linux distribution installed because it does not work if GRUB is the default boot Necessary Downloads […]

How To Prevent Your Android Device From being Stolen using Android device manager

Android is most popular mobile operating system now a days. so today we discuss about  Security of android device’s. how to prevent your android mobile from being stolen or getting lost.Google develop an app called  “Android device manager” To resolve this issue. In latest android version this app is inbuilt. for lower version you have […]

software to play android games on pc

Post:- +aman yadavNow you can play android games on your PC , a software made for PC that play all android app on your computer. So you can check games on your PC and then install on your computer. A snapshot of this software is YES!!!  This is in your computer. *Who made this software ? […]