Top 10 IT Software Companies in India 2015 -2016

Information Technology in India is expanding its wings day by day the policy of Indian government to encourage the investment in India is so fruitful that the information technology sector in India is generating 2.5 million direct employments Now our focus is on future how these companies will actually perform in the future scenario Like who will be the top ten companies to knock the doors of Indian economy like a blast .Due to these it company Indian jobs seeking & unemployment is much more fill-up.Most of the city are know due to these it hub like gurgoan(in delhi ncr) known as cyber city because of TCS,google,microsoft etc. company,Chennai,Mumbai & Bangalore is also know as biggest cuber park.

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Here is a list of top ten companies who are presently playing a major role in the Indian Economy sector

1. TATA Consultancy Service
5. HCL Technologies
6. Mphasis
7. ORACLE Financial Service
9. Polaris Technology
10. Rolta India

Let’s begin from the very ending


Company was established in 1989 and is now headquartered in Mumbai.In 2011 a magazine named fortune India 500 listed this company among the top 500 companies in India .Kamal k Singh is the chairman and managing director of this company .ROLTA INDIA is presently having 5000 employees
You can find more about this company here

9.  Polaris Technology

This company was founded in 1993 and is now headquarter in Chennai .Arun Jain and jitin goyal are the key people of this company .This company has more than 10000 employees
You can find more about this company here


Founded in 1999 this company is headquartered in Bengaluru, India .Employs approximately 13000 employees .Subroto bagchi and Krishna Kumar natarajan are the main people of this company
You can find more about this company here

7. ORACLE Financial Service

This corporation is working for banks .Founded in 1990 and is presently headquartered in Mumbai .Derek Williams, Harindejit Singh, Richard Jackson ,Robert k weiler, Svenkatachalam, Chet kamat, Samantha wellington, William Corey west are the key people of this company
Employees of this company are above 9000
You can find more about this company here

6. Mphasis

Company incorporated in June 2000.Headquartered in bagmane world technology center Bangalore .Balu Ganesh ayyar is the CEO of this company .This company has more than 40000 employees
For more details please visit

5. HCL Technologies

Founded in 1991 .
Founder was shiv nadar .
This company is one of the famous companies in India .
Company has more than 95000 employees .
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4.  Tech Mahindra

Founded In 1986 and is now headquartered in pune .
Anand Mahindra is the chairman and founder of this company .
This company has more than 95000 employees .
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Company Headquartered at Bangalore and was founded in Mumbai in 1945 Before India got independence .
Azim premji is the chairman and CEO of the company .
The company has employees above 150000 .
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INFOSYS was founded on 1981 .
Ashok arora, nandan nilekani, Narayan murti, N.S raghavan ,S gopalkrishna, s.d shibulal, K.Dinesh were the founders of this company .
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1. TATA Consultancy Service

Public Type Company founded In 1968 .
Founders J.R.D TATA .
Headquarters at Mumbai .
Parent Company Tata group .
To know more about it

these were the top ten companies to affect the Indian economy in future
Writer — Madhur Sabherwal

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